Sunday, December 10, 2006


I know they are enormously popular, and are obviously enormous at the same time... Inflatables.

In my opinion - A blight on the landscape: the Hummer of decorations. Grossly unsubtle. The visual side of playing one Christmas song repeatedly over a PA system on your front lawn. Decoration flatulence. A Visual Boombox of grotesque proportions in a world of mp3 players.

I feel better now.

There IS a clever one out there - it's a inflatable snow globe with constant snow falling inside the globe. If there have tobe these behemoths of fa la la la laaaa, then at least that one has something going for it.

If I was a teenager with hostility issues, me'n'the boys would probably drive around with air rifles looking to get us some bloated critters. But, mature dude that I am, I will simply sit at the sniper's keyboard and bitch.

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