Sunday, November 04, 2007


Not one with obsessive/compulsive disorder, I wonder why certain music sticks in a rotating loop in my head from time to time? Is it the onset of something?

It's analogous to cut and paste. Hi, Mister Roboto here.

Terrible movie, unless you have kids: The Last Mimsey. All I can say is, I sure hope so.

Now that we have a movie house just up the street with 14 theatres, we will see first runs much more often, replying less on NetFlix. Michael Clayton - now that was a REAL movie. A+.

The theatres (their spelling) are state of the art, with - and I can't quite believe this - non-deafening volume levels. So far. Obviously they are learning how to do it. Lights down, lights up, lights down, movie. Wrong lens, another wrong lens, picture too high, focus! 20 seconds later all is good. In one theater - so I have to assume all of them - they were playing music in some sort of pre-show 'show' and darn if it didn't actually sound very good! Nice!

Friday we were invited by neighbors to the REAL FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, i.e.: high school football in Texas! I took the opportunity to play photog..., I mean, learn more about my camera. I snuck onto the sideline and one play came my way - an incomplete pass tumbled to me. I picked it up and took a while to spot the ballboy, and then I snapped it to him and felt very male. It was good.

The game was fun and the quarterback of Lake Travis looks like one who will go on to some prominence. Two observations: the boys are bigger and the girls much better looking than when I was in high school. I don't think I am looking through the wrong end of the age-telescope, either!

It wasn't like the Friday Night Lights TV show, though (which is filmed here in Austin) - the team for which we rooted was somewhat local to us, and so the stands were full of parents from upscale neighborhoods.

I did notice more Texas twang in the some of the crowd, though. The game was played in a small town about 45 minutes from here, where they had 19 inches of rain in 6 hours a while back. And where there's a new housing development very close to where the signs up and down the highway warn of ACTIVE BLASTING AREA! Ummmmmm, no. Not a good place to settle.

We passed the diner which is supposed to be named the best diner in Texas by some prestigious restaurant-rater. (No, not Grub Monthly.) They advertise a PIE happy hour. All hail the Bluebonnet Cafe.

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