Saturday, November 10, 2007

So here's the scene: Terri and I, when we go out, put the dog into the office. In case she's bad, it's somewhat confined. We hit the road this morning to go shopping. Upon return, I let the dog out - she then gives me the eye that she wants to go outside where she pees and dumps. Good dog! I retreat to the computer, my home inside home. Pretty soon I become aware of an... odor... smell... stink. Now Jessie has left my sight but I am starting to think she left something in the room... and I am inspecting. Nothing! I then start smelling myself, best I can - just changed into shorts - could it be the shorts - is it ME? What? I then go to ask Terri to help me find the source. She's in the kitchen, shucking shrimp.

Ah. Mystery solved.

On another subject, these horned creatures were on the loose today within our community, and snapped by a neighbor. Our development has a ranch in the middle. I sure would like to see how they round these bad boys up.

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