Thursday, November 08, 2007


Blogger has a super system. Its spell checker is great. Best of all, and the WORD creators should take a clue... it discovers places where I run words together in my frenzy at the keyboard. Why can't WORD? Because it's stupid. Or I have a very old version which predates the need for speed. Blogger good. WORD not.

Now experts say being somewhat fat is good for you, but too much can kill you. Isn't that helpful? Wait a year and they'll reverse themselves anyway. EVERYTHING is bad for you.

I don't know about you, but one business that can freely raise its prices now appears to be the oil barrel business. Wait - you mean that's just a term? The tankers don't have... I knew that.

Somebody in the neighborhood has spotted a black deer. Surprisingly, Jessie Jackson was nowhere to be found. Apparently they are very rare, even more rare than albinos.

Make me nervous: put a squad of guys with chain saws on the lot next door, being cleared/denuded for building. I couldn't hear them not speak English over the noise, but wondered what to do if they wandered across the property line. One guy had a machete with which he whaled on low oak tree branches.

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