Wednesday, November 14, 2007


McDonalds is now selling what do they call it? Premium coffee? I guess someone saw what Starbucks charges. And now they CUSTOMIZE it - adding cream for you (saves about a bazillion creamer plastics, and must surely have something to do with portion control) - I am uncertain about sugar because I don't take it.

Maybe locally we have a different set of circumstacios, but when I pull up to the outdoor speaker, I get a walcomechumcdonalds in one not good enough to be recorded voice followed by another mayitakeyourorderplease shouted at me over the sounds of the exploding kitchen or the dishwasher blowing a valve. We then go back and forth. "One regular coffee, one large decaf." "Two coffees?" "Yes. One regular, small, and one decaf, large."

The screen by now says two decafs. And so it goes, back and forth. It could be a comedy routine but only to those uninvolved.

Sometimes I put on a fake Indian (the country) accent and run through the whole thing as my way of getting even. Terri hits me while I speak.

Then there seems to be a disconnect between window 1 and window 2, because window 2 workers seem highly confused about the final state of the order, as they hand me burgers. "No, coffee! This is supposed to be coffee - 2 coffees, one large decaf, one regular small." "Two regular coffees?...

Ah, what's the use?

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