Wednesday, June 25, 2008


It's no secret to the people in Texas, and especially Austin, that the Governor's Mansion, closed for a remodel, was torched the night of June 8, despite security on site. Damage was extreme, but luckily, all artifacts, antiques, etc., were in storage for the renovation. The building was unoccupied.

The mansion is on a public street, fenced in, however, with security cameras and other tools of surveillance peopled by guards on site.

Now the DPS (Dept of Public Safety), those in charge, are trying to keep their videos secret with the flimsy excuse that exposing such would weaken future security for terrorist attacks.

So... a guy with a bottle of gas or some 'accelerant' can get up onto the front porch and set a fire, but somehow terrorists would be dissuaded or caught?

Excuse me?

Apparently the site was understaffed and several of the cameras and motion devices were out of order - or - and this is cute - THOUGHT TO BE, even though they weren't.

7 of 20 cameras were not working. The infrared intruder device worked, but they didn't know it. They got the perp on one camera but don't want to show it.

The world keeps getting crazier and crazier. I do all the head shaking I can, but it doesn't help.

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