Friday, June 13, 2008


Followup to the preceding post: I arrived at the electronics giant box store with only 15 minutes left in my time budget to drive back to the movie theater. Traffic was worse than I expected, and I stopped for a chicken sandwich sans tomatoes at Wendy's. Of that 15 minutes, I blew 25 minutes anyway and that was just the tip of the time iceberg which lurked down every aisle. There's a certain fascination with many of the items - "oh, so that's what they are and what they do..."

Remember I said I'd come back with something I didn't need or want particularly? Yup. A 4GB Thumb drive. I'm not exactly sure why, but they intrigue me as a way of ordering the chaos on my computer in at least one folder. And they were on sale. But the larger capacity ones approach the 10-times-more capacity hard drives in cost if not convenience.

A very quick walk through the hall of TVs showed me that most of the sets weren't set up correctly. A quick hands-on with one of the new flash card HD cams blew me away. I cannot believe how small they are - but think about it - with none of the mechanical parts required by a tape or disc transport, why not? Lens, sensor, card. I think they are the size they are to accommodate fingers on the buttons more than what's inside. No time left forced me to put it back without getting a picture to work.

I raced back to the Cineplex, late, where I was just in time (within seconds) of the main feature. The theater appeared empty but muffled noises convinced me that some teens were up on the corner doing what teens do.

THE STRANGERS is one of the worst wastes of time I've ever seen. On the way home I saw a skunk waddling down the street - it got more stars than the film which had almost no plot and missed making sense on so many levels. Example: Slasher coming? Hide - with a shotgun and plenty of ammo where you can't see him coming. If I had a shotgun I'd go outside and wait in the front yard where I could get a clean shot, not hole up in a small bedroom. Axe comes through door - grab the axe!!! There so much more but it's just not worth discussing.

Later in the movie two more gaggles of teens arrived but were reasonably quiet - I think they hop from film to film... seeking the dark in which to play.

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