Thursday, June 19, 2008


WHO CARES? And MISERY LOVES COMPANY vie as titles for this posting. I guess after more than 700 self-indulgences on this blog, another is appropriate, if not entirely wide-reaching.

Today is pre-procedure day. This involves two issues: all liquids and the carpet bombing (hopefully not literally) by laxatation later in the day.

So, so far, no breakfast - just tea. I find I keep wanting to head to the kitchen for a snack... it's what I do, and each time I feel the urge, I tend to forget I can't answer it. I imagine after a few more hours it'll get more interesting. Of course this means insignificantly little compared to those who suffer REAL hunger, are flooded out of their homes in the Midwest, etc. It's just a new experience for me. I was surprised by how many people commented to me yesterday that this is the hard day. I believe there's a community or brother-and-sisterhood tapped by this. Every one suggested the impending - how shall I say it? - "emptification" was a pain in the...

By the way - research for a syndication I did once showed me that cravings last about 15 minutes. If you can distract yourself you'll beat it. (Which is why I am writing this.)

More later.

It's later. 4 pills almost 3 hours ago are working their way through my system like a reform through congress - slowly! In about a half hour I start the every-fifteen minute 'jump-up' as they say, for another reason, in the Caribbean. I will chug the Gatoraide plus Miralax and stay poised for the dash to the finish line.

Dump Truck

My food fixation has abated somewhat as I've been downing unusual amounts of fluid.

Next, in 22 minutes... 8 OZ every quarter hour for two hours will, uh, breach my levee, if you get the drift.

I don't think Hallmark covers this one.

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