Thursday, June 05, 2008


It's a JD Powers & Assoc. survey released today - problems reported in the first 90 days of ownership. Quality is said to have been improved! Leading the pack was Porsche with only 87 problems per 100 vehicles.

And that's improvement!

It equates to roughly one per car. Most listed were over 100 per 100. That means that every car sold has at least one thing wrong with it, on average - more likely - some aren't found in the first 90 days, or are unreported, and others have several problems.

What's wrong here? Well, a focus on quality is worthy. Improvement is worthy. But when it's acceptable for every vehicle to roll off the line with at least one thing wrong with it and they can't find it, it seems pretty lame. What's the average price for Porsche? I haven't kept up since I traded my old trouble-prone 944 (it had continual and major service issues.) Let's say... oh... $75,000 (probably low.) For that they can't check everything?

I know it's a whole other situation, but I am reviewing a high-end audio amplifier which ships with a 20 YEAR warranty. That's integrity. For $2650. How can they do that? They test and torture test and test again.

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