Friday, July 25, 2008


Performances are sold out here for some time. I applied online for tickets weeks ago. Yesterday was the big (screen) day for us and our neighbors!

I read that they filmed 6 scenes in IMAX, and wondered if the others would be shrunk, or obvious, or lesser.

Despite arriving early by a half hour, the best we could do was third row. That's pretty close to the screen, which is huge, as you may know.

Sitting that close made the plot sometimes hard to pay attention to - as I was distracted by the picture, and also waiting for IMAX to switch on or off.

First of all, this is IMAX 2D - no 3D, no glasses. The blew up the normal film to fill the screen at IMAX-sizing.
Second, the action sequences seem to be in IMAX, the rest, not. They are very good and seem real, i.e.: rarely computer generated.
Third, the IMAX experience isn't really that amazing since most of the scenes are semi-dark anyway. I'll bet if in bright sunlight, they'd be stunning. I noticed a resolution change but it was subtle. If the difference between standard broadcast TV and Hi-Def TV is 10 units, I'd give this a 2 to 3.

The whole IMAX-size screen thing is still impressive, even the non-IMAX scenes; on a screen that big you really ARE immersed! And yes, Heath Ledger is great, He eclipses Christian Bale by a wide margin, either as Bruce Wayne or The Batman. (I like that they keep calling him "The" Batman.) As an aside, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman add a lot of class to the film - both are SO solid. Maggie G beats Mrs. Cruise by a mile as an actress, but personally I don't find her attractive enough for the role.

The sound at IMAX theaters is awesome - and that held true - the score pumps away and heightens the tension. It's loud and undistorted, arguably as good as cinema sound can be.

A fine effort for all. A tragedy that Heath Ledger isn't with us to accept the accolades.

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