Sunday, July 20, 2008


I think we have SKONK trouble. Not the stink part but the rip-up-the-mulch-in-the landscape part.

I have done my research. Trapping is the way to go. But then you have a skunk in a trap, likely pissed off, maybe carrying rabies, and accurate with spray to 10 feet. Sure, put it into the car.

The instructions online say to approach the trap without scaring it, to casually move it with a tarp on top to catch any stink. Huh? You can smell a dead one a COUNTY away. Tarp? Also, I can't imagine a trapped wild animal thinking, "Here comes a nice fellow. He seems calm. Now what was my mantra again?"

A neighbor farmkid many years later tells me even if you catch and release they'll come back. He says let them eat all the grubs till there aren't any and they'll go away.


There's also a possibility we got armadillo woes. I don't know, but I am not going to put out a trap and catch a skunk in it, that I do know.

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