Thursday, July 24, 2008


Can the weather ever be too nice? Well, having spent almost 5 years in San Diego, I can answer yes. But it isn't about NICEness, it's about monotony.

Here, we've had little rain this year (about 50% deficit) and that means a lot of hot days with sun, followed by warm nights. 100 days, 75 nights. We like that (certainly over cold and damp) but it can get boring. So Dolly's bands are bringing in some gulf moisture as I write this... pretty spotty and very brief.

When we lived in Houston, I stood in our floor to ceiling glass windows at work, watching a Category 1 hurricane blow outside. It was really just a lot of rain where we were. There were power failures throughout the city, and the windows did bow in a bit.

This far inland, I don't know what actually could get here beyond rain and non-hurricane force winds (hopefully). The real issue in our years here so far has been hail, though not Dolly hail. And occasional tornadoes.

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