Friday, July 11, 2008


Terri had a few minutes this AM and we decided to go out for coffee and donuts. As I pulled the car out, I spotted a snake's head and a bit of body about to come out from the grass beside the house to cross the driveway. I decided to confront my fear and got out of the car with the camera I carry in the back. As I approached, the snake took a look and went back into the grass toward the house (the same grass I planned to cut tomorrow, though it's not high.)

The amazing thing is I was only a few feet away and a few seconds away from where it disappeared and yet I couldn't see it anywhere. Which kinda gives Mister Lawnmower pause.

I've been in certain social situations where that ability to blend in would have been really very nice. You too?

Speaking of snakes, why is it that when the price of gas goes up, it's immediately reflected in the pump, but when it goes DOWN, it isn't? Why does congress let those companies get away with it? Why does the press?

And to think I sold my Vespa in 1969. Sad.

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