Tuesday, January 12, 2010


It seems wrong, wrong, wrong to me that NBC wants to put LENO back following the 11P E/10P C news and have CONAN's THE TONIGHT SHOW after it at 12:05AM. Apparently CONAN isn't ready to go along.

If you think that - "Well, with all HIS money, how tough is life?" that's just not the point. It takes tremendous drive and talent to get as far as CONAN has - and while he might not be everyone's favorite, cutting him off at the knees is just wrong. It should take time to build his audience.

I blame NBC for being stupid. I blame Jay Leno for his eagerness to shuffle out of the cesspool of his current show and back to a later time slot, no matter what that does to his 'successor.'. Time to step out, Jay. Drive your cars. Do standup. You had your shot. It's over.

Same with Dick Clark, but a totally different story: time to step away.

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