Friday, January 29, 2010


St. Martin, the patron saint of... ?

Join us, if you are looking for a quick escape:

This is SO cool a place it's got two dictatorships, I mean municipal principals. Half is St. Martin, and the other half St. Maarten. One side wears no underwear. The other favors hats and bow ties.

Here's the landing from the beach. WORTHY!!"

Didn't you enjoy those 32 seconds? You did. Absolutely.

So you see that tomorrow we'll sand blast some sun worshippers who go for a little peace and quiet, a little getaway, AT THE END OF A RUNWAY.

We go directly to the boat, a 45-50 foot catamaran. It doesn't expand, it's I'm not sure how long it is. Pretty much a fait acomplii by now anyway.

We learn that in addition to the captain and cook, there will be a couple from Italy and a couple from Canada. They will be the palest.

There ARE sunny and warm areas of Canada, but they are in Florida.

I think we spend nite one in the harbor or mooring, since we board only an hour and a half or so before sunset. Sailboats sail. They are not fast. To get somewhere, maybe, but we'll see, and after travel for pretty much 12 hours, it won't matter.

I will take many pictures and should get into flickr or some place, so I can broaden it from the several I'd post here, huh?

I'm a computer guy but not to taking one along, so that's it for now.

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