Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am enjoying the creative freedom photography has brought back to me as I believe that there's no bad thing as a bad photo if it resonates with you.

As a young official photoguy for our family (comprised of my mother, my father, and me) I travelled all over Europe, snapping pictures/slides from the top of the Eiffel Tower, to Picadilly Circus, to the Collesium. Venice, the alps. Really good pictures. My mother threw them out without telling me when she moved to Florida.

The DSLR experience is so cheap, easy, and rewarding. I write those words in that order because without the cheap and easy, I'd not go for the freedom it takes to take a lot of pictures, even of the same thing - each expanding my knowledge of what works. Being able to shoot free means your own subjective opinion will always be right for that picture, for you.

I've got pictures I have saved just to think about, to try to figure out what I really like - what is vibrating for me?

Usually I like it when a picture tells a story. There's an action captured, leading to an outcome (the diver is about to kiss the water/ the child is about to get the ice cream/ or an attitude (I am eating this ice cream and don't care how much gets on me/ love/ fun. The vitality of the characters photographed fuels the picture.

I shot 35mm for years, then 110 black and white in a twin-lens relex as a teen on the yearbook staff, back to 35mm, then video in virtually every format up until HDTV. I shot tons I HAVE NEVER SEEN. And don't really want to. Got back into semi-pro 35MM, then DSLR.

But good pictures really do hold up, grabbing powerful memories or emotions, right out of thin air.

I have a picture I took of our small cruise ship in Tahiti, docked so simply and peacefully. It has innocense about it. Two weeks later, the ship caught fire and was scuttled. This was a print and if I get a satifactory scan of it, will post below. I love how it feels.

I feel compelled to point to the right side top of the blog here with a link to more photos.

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