Saturday, February 20, 2010


I suppose he had to say what he did. Cynics and critics are saying 'it was all staged.' Well, yeah. What did you expect?

What interests me is how little I care. I wonder why? I admit a general interest to see how these "Mea Culpa" moments are "handled." Even with that professional curiousity, I just cannot crank much enthusiasm for Tiger - I simply don't care.

I sure don't know about these things personally, but, after seeing the photos of his mistresses, with maybe two exceptions, I would have thought he could do much better.

Mom, trying to be supportive, said 'he didn't do anything illegal...' well, nice, Mrs. Woods, but just sit down please.

Anybody see any similarities between M. Jackson and Tiger? (Controlling parent, major talent, lost youth...?)

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