Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I was there.

I've found and put up for you to hear some of the fun that was the creed at BOB 100 FM in Minneapolis 1993-1997 or so.

Back then there was more opportunity to build what some called a "Stationality" - the personality of the station.

I was hired to get this brand new station on the air. When I began there was no staff, no studio - nothing - and this was no cookie cutter, though we did have the counsel of wise people like Jaye Albright and even, originally, Randy Michaels.

We did it right. We did it right on the air and we did it right with really good marketing and contesting. We had the world's Best Ever slogan: TURN YOUR KNOB TO BOB. Soon after we launched, if you said BOB somebody might well answer, "Turn your knob to BOB." We ran really good TV.

We had only the best billboards and they were all what you'd call "lit supers."
The Billboard said Turn Your Knob To Bob

Anyway, this might make you smile. CLICK HERE!

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