Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Or maybe they go away sooner - whatever the case, we seem to have hit the timeline when our house is requiring attention to appliances and minor this or thats which must be fixed for us to live a sane life. Example: one of the three zone heaters has begun to groan.

Today is a double whammy - I will be trapped in the office by the cleaning crew who have been absent a month, due to their cycle and our vacation timing.

And the appliance guy is scheduled to be back. I can write here that I think he's a talky know-it-all. He authorized a replacement under warranty for the refrigerator compressor without even knowing that was the problem (and we since found out, it wasn't.)


Yes, I am.

This guy, in my non-professional opinion, has issues. And he's the boss of the repair service. Today he will 'repair' the dish washer and the outdoor grill. I feel compelled to keep a close eye on him as I don't entirely trust him. That means I must endure his boasts. Successful repairs or not, we won't be calling on him again. You might well ask WHY we let him back this time - simple - he's got the parts we need and we don't want to go through the process from the start again.

Update ++++

The guy wasn't quite as unsufferable as I expected, but still... example - I brought out the vaccuum cleaner 'Do yourself a favor and get rid of that right away...'

The outdoor grille, which he complained about and complained about (poorly made, bad angles for installing burners, etc. - was actually a quick and easy fix.

The dishwasher is luder than ever (and the issue was noise.)

The refrigerator is marginally noisier.

I seriously doubt either of these could be fixed beyond what has happened. Might have to replace the dishwasher eventually as it's annoying.

Meanwhile, the igniter on the built-in stove has gone out on one side ('need a new module,' and it's in the back, and due to the ducting, piping, etc, estimated at about $400-500!!!

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