Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Now for about $300 you can buy a pocket taser in designer colors. It's about the size of a cell phone.

If you don't know what a taser is, it's a high voltage/ low amperage device which shocks the victim/target. It's quite a jolt, but due to the low amperage, doesn't kill.

But gee, another thingie for another pocket?

By the way - the range is about 15 feet and... here's the best part - you only get one shot.

You can use it in the close up mode, where you shock the bastage through his (or I suppose her) clothes. Not sure how long that works before the batteries die. But you can count on the perp going down.

Unless they are drug crazed. Then you have an even more crazed problem. At that point, try the knee - it's the original homeopathic taser, and some say, still the best.)

But I think the electronics giants are missing a huge opportunity - CONVERGENCE! Yup, why not build it into a cell phone? It could shock, take a picture of the bad dude AND call 911 all at once. The GPS would tell the cops where you are too.

Again, I miss out on a huge opportunity.

I come up with these ideas but can't move them into the real world.

Gotta go - I need to invent some more excuses.

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