Monday, February 05, 2007


Wow. I'll bet many self congratulatory meetings were held today in the companies that forked over $2.6 million for 30 seconds of Super Bowl airtime. These people are, for the most part, deluded, talentless, and lost in space of an alternate reality. The reason I write this is because so many of the commercials were horrible.

Now I know, taste is subjective and demo targeting might make the commercials more acceptable to some.

A few come to mind:

The Jessica Simpson one... in the words of so many others... WTF? She jumps back in the limo to get a pizza. Clever? Don't think so, Paco.

The Garmin man vs map monster... what a colossal waste of money. So it was supposed to look cheesy, right? Sure hope so. I can think of so many better ways to promote that map vs tech idea!

BTW: Prince is god.

Several spots did work for me. My favorite was actually just text... for Coke, highlighting black milestones. Classy. Understated. Deserved.

There was another Coke spot which started with the money rolling into the slot (excuse me, though, where can you get a coke for a COIN?)... many fanciful moves later the bottle is delivered. Great animation. Sort of Rube Goldberg meets Busby Berkley meets the Tribbles.

Who could hate the Budweiser down-and-out dog which gets gets splattered, then onto the wagon? Cute. Nice end, with the beauty queen hugging the dog and getting muddy!

The Bud spot with paper rock scissors was funny in its starkness.

An aside: we watched the beginning of the show that followed - criminal minds, into which they inserted the postgame standups between Jim Nance and Phil Simms... and it really did seem like it was from the game broadcast since they talked about turnovers and rain. Nice trick!

The Blockbuster spot with the little animals squeezing the mouse was hilarious!

Go Daddy must have looned out - that spot was so sexist and simply dumb... maybe only men buy their service (I do) but again a cheaply done dumb concept.

I liked the spot the viewer thought up... the one with the guy and the girl... he's in a car... the frames would freeze, then colorize then a word would describe the product feature (but I can't remember the product - was it Doritos? That's not a good thing. But I did laugh. Like the spot, like the product - until you know better!

A good game!

CBS has awful audio for the most part, whenever anything is complex, especially at the beginning of the proceedings - teams come out, coin toss - they simply can't get a mix right. At least you could hear Prince, though his guitar did go out right at the end (and you couldn't really hear the backup musicians, not that that really mattered because his Purpleness is that good.) But ya know, it's just another thing.

We don't have HDTV yet and I was thinking we didn't miss much in all that rain as the cameras were soaked and splattered. CBS says they were continually wiping the lenses and I believe it.

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