Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I actually tried to find the e mail address of the producers of DIRT (on FX) which had its season-ender last evening. I have no idea if the show gets ratings but I was hooked from day one.

But the reason I wanted to write was to say the season-ending episode did exactly what they promised, and that was tie up all the loose ends. In fact, if the show is dropped, it still leaves one with a sense of completion. Either way, they nailed it.

The writing is great, the acting and casting really good. I am a fan. For my money, there are only a few shows of that caliber on TV today. The SHIELD starts next week, I think. RESCUE ME goes in June. BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA is off now till next year. FRIDAY NIGHT LITES is on the bubble, but is wonderfully done (local too.)

LOST still intrigues. HOUSE is a new fave. We were late on that one. And 24 still works VERY well. GREYS ANATOMY is a must see, but the recent "she died - no she didn't" story arc (arcette?) wasn't up to the usual standard.

THE RICHES looks like it might be good... from the previews. I've set TiVo to snag it.

And PLANET EARTH on Discovery is amazing. 5 years in production. I wish we had HDTV because it was shot in HD and has stellar pictures even on standard broadcast. I expect we'll make the leap this fall when hdmi 1.3 is more common. At that point it's start over with HD TiVo, HD or Blu-Ray Hi Def DVD, a new receiver with Dolby TrueHD, 5.1 surround, and so on.

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