Monday, March 19, 2007

BIG SISTER? BIG BROTHER. 2008 not 1984

Somebody posted a high tech slam on Hillary. Now there's clucking going on about how the Internet could affect voting. Like the electoral process wasn't manipulated before!?? I think it's good. Even if the public creates wildly wrong or sensational or wonderful spots, until now, people have educated themselves (!) mostly on 30 second (simplified, sanitized, focus-grouped, imageful) ads and sound bites. A little internet fueled chaos might force voters to dig into the candidates positions a bit (lot) deeper.

They say it'll cost about a BILLION dollars to run for president in the next campaign (already begun) for all the candidates in toto.

The buzz surrounds a rip off of the Apple "Big Brother" spot that is legendary even though it only ran once, in a Super Bowl.

As I write this, over 750,000 people have viewed this viral video.

See for yourself.

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