Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Tried to put a duck head onto the a 380 Motherofallairplanes Airbus. Couldn't. I need, but don't wish to spend for Photoshop.

Today will be interesting - Terri will fill the house with a Realtor lunch and I have to get away, but I have no plan except to get into my car and drive. I need to blow about 2 hours. Movies aren't open this early. The mall has very little to interest me. I have absolutely no good ideas. I was going to go fish, but it's rainy and I'm not that dedicated.

Movie - out
Bar - not my type of thing
Shopping for clothes - yuk
Shopping for high tech - cannot afford, and this fall is the time when better gear arrives and is worth waiting for
Mall - boring
History Museum - was just there
Hike - wet
Fish - wet
Hang out at Starbucks - don't have laptop
Go take pictures - dull day
Fly r/c Air Hog - too windy, muddy
I could weed, but that would embarrass Terri as her guests roll in.
Find Willie Nelson to bum some weed. Have no idea where he is.
Panhandle. My conscience would get me.
Go eat a long lunch. Not that hungry.
Cut myself on something at Sharper Image, prepare for lawsuit. Desperately bad idea.
Charter a plane and fly over house. Too low a ceiling (sky, not house.)
Rustle cattle. I don't know how.
Car wash. Rain.
Stop and smell the roses. Allergies.
Workout. Did it already.
Test drive cars I can't afford. Possible.

Check back for what I fear will be a boring summary of my 2 and a half hours on the loose, on the wind, on the fly, on the lam, in the moment.

Okay, I am back.

I hit the book store and spent quite the browse. Got three books and a CD I didn't mean to buy.

SHOOTER (soon to be/already is a major movie)

I also browsed some Flying and Auto magazines and a Picture Book with pictures of stars. Stars from the sky. There are more than you could imagine. Unless you bought the book or know Stephen Hawking who hawked the foreword.

Get this - the new "maybe-they-will maybe-they-won't produce them" Cessna 2 seater small plane is targeted to come in at under $100,000. It'll have to wait.

I love the new Audi R8. $110,000. It'll have to wait.

What is it with 6 figures?

I also bought a Phil Collins Hits CD which I didn't realize I even had in my hand with the books. I go to Borders and listen to everything, then buy on line at a third of the price ( - warning - they don't have everything, but do have a pretty good selection.) So Phil gets his share of my $18.99, and he can get the Audi.

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