Friday, March 09, 2007


Maybe I slept through class when they covered it - I admit I had some profs who - for whatever reason - just zoned me out! I'd be on the serious nod.

Here's the question: Let's say the Scooter Libby thing, other pressure, and thrombosis cause Dick Cheney to resign or be let go. Then what happens?

I know Nanci (y?) Pelosi is third in succession to the presidency, but that doesn't mean she steps up to number two does it? Wouldn't George Bush get to appoint someone else (with no confirmation?)

It's a little scary...

George could then pick one of the Republican Front runners to get the person (I guess it'd be a man) invaluable extra exposure.

Hey, one more question? Is it me getting older and deeper into things, or is a LOT of stuff REALLY REALLY screwed up? Just for starters: FEMA and the trailers. The government where partisanship equals little gets done. Seems like if the congressman across the aisle gets a good idea it's automatically a bad idea.

Pork... the new improved hidden earmark process?

The huge waste and lack of oversight in, oh, spending on private contractors (no bids) in Iraq?

Walter Reed Hospital. Why doesn't someone step up and go right down the firing line?

I could go on, but the bile rises.

Please answer if you know the answers. Curious minds want to know.

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