Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I'm at the cautious stage. It seems the computer mouse IS working. No ordinary mouse, though, it has REALMS to explore. I mean yer basic mouse has left and right click, right? Then you move up to the scroll wheel between the left and right clicks. I couldn't live without one. This allows either a zoom or scroll and is compulsory for the compulsive.

But My Mighty Mouse which apparently works by sending signals back and forth into the other dimension where UFOs come from, has A wheel that also toggles left and right and clicks down too. But that's not all! There are two more smaller buttons which I think take me into Tommorrowland and Frontierland, but I'm not sure.

I notice my space bar now moves quite a bit slower... a possible artifact? I will investigate.

If I can just avoid the dreaded frozen mouse syndrome then I will live happily until the next 'upgrade.'

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