Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono were interviewed by Larry King tonight. I couldn't miss it.

Things I learned:

They knew they were that good.

They not only respected Ringo as a great drummer before he joined them, but thought him the core of the band.

Ringo was an only child who felt he had 3 brothers.

Ringo said he plays to the singer.

Ringo can't just go play drums alone. Never could. Needs to play with other musicians.

McCartney's new CD is #3 on the Billboard chart (and is only sold at STARBUCKS!)

They make music they like - if it sells, well, that's nice.

Paul was with George near the end. They sat quietly and held hands. Touching.

All were pretty tolerant of some of Larry's softball questions, but you could tell he was excited himself. The whole deal was to promote the LOVE performance of Cirque De Soleil in Las Vegas, now a year old. LOVE is a remixed version of many Beatles songs - even the "lads" were commenting on how clean the recordings have become. There's a whole lot more obvious detail and it makes their skill stand out in many ways. If you like the Beatles you have got to hear this!

They showed parts of the Cirque... which performs to the soundtrack. It's suppposed to be incredible but honestly I wasn't knocked out by what I saw. Apparently they put in quite the sound system (a surround system) and that's got to blow some minds.

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Harpoon said...

Bob --
I have not seen the "Love" show in Vegas but the other Cirque productions are truly unbelievable.

You are riveted to your chair thinking over and over, "...human beings can't do THAT with their bodies ... they can't. I am watching things that are impossible."

But, they do. And it must be doubly wonderful with the Beatle tunes.