Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We were about 70 miles from Austin, in a town called Fredericksburg and our visit happened to coincide with an antique car show. As they zoomed down the main drag, I stood in the street and shot away. I must have 30 or 40 of the best. From time to time I will share.

I'll take a few minutes out of making sales calls to voice mail while I wait for callbacks ahahahahahahhhhahahahahaha! (Callbacks are pretty darn rare.)

The weathermen completely blew it again - it has been rainy all day. I told Terri I should get a job as weatherman, watch the others and choose the opposite - I think they MAY be right 50% of the time or less.

They all use this thing called (in various guises) The Predictor which shows "hour by hour" what to expect. I say, hey BOZO, why don't YOU predict it? If you rely so heavily on the machine, why are you there? Oh - to fill 3 minutes.

I've decided to try to place more pictures on the blog as I am becoming more familiar witht he capabilities of my camera and certain software related to enhancements.

Let's see, what shall I choose?

Can you guess what this is? It isn't obvious and isn't the only part. There are your clues. First correct guess wins a dead scorpion.

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