Saturday, June 30, 2007


Did you know there are little organisms that actually eat oil? They are used to help clean oil spills, etc.

I suspect you don't believe me. Well, why not? That's pretty amazing, kind of like a later StarTrek where they'd have to figure out if these things were alive and then they'd have to be given a wide berth due to the non-interference prime directive thing.

Can you read that? Gee, that's small. Well, that's the internet for you. If you want more on that, CLICK HERE FOR A BRIEF EXPLANATION OF THE INTERNET

Imagine your surprise when you read that! And it's marked by Google so you can tell I didn't make it up.

Senator Bud "Whirly" Bloomquist, R., Nebraska, has introduced a bill to offer American citizenship to these "little fellers," as he calls them. He claims it's simply good energy policy "once we figure out how to milk 'em."

When we lived near Houston there were regular chemical spills and explosions in that neighborhood that smelled like mothballs. Once, after an oil spill in Galveston bay, they tried spraying these oil-eating microbes out of a rowboat. (It looked like skim milk on TV.) Well, next day, no dead waterfowl, no slick, no nothing. Even the rowboat was nowhere to be found, but that may be another matter. This was more impressive than anything ever sold by Popeil.

Scientists are trying to get the cow genes to splice with the oil-eating genes - then the USA will ship cows to the middle east and cause peace to break out because it's tough to stay mad when there are cows looking at you. Besides, the human compulsion to "Moo" at cows would give away sniper locations so the whole crazy war would grind to a halt. Meanwhile the cows would suck up all the oil they could get their hands on. We then go and buy back the cows!

Well, if you are like me, you wonder how these things have such an appetite? They rip through oil like I rip though a bag of candy circus peanuts. Just can't stop.

Through the 10,000 power electron microscope, here's a picture of the actual molecule:

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StrHwk said...

I have no idea if this is a true legit story but it sure does make me laugh, thanks and if it is good idea.