Saturday, August 18, 2007


A neighbor told me that we are too far inland for hurricane worries except maybe for torrential rain and tornadoes. EXCUSE ME? I don't remember reading about that in the sales brochure!

Seriously, my business partner lives on a boat in Florida and two years ago had two hurricanes right overhead! He tried to outrun one but his plan was missing an essential bit of info - the bridge tenders go HOME and leave the bridges down. So he parked at/on someone's backyard dock and tied up with all his lines. "What was it like?" "Well, it howled and rocked and I figured if it was my time, it was my time. I went to bed."

I'll bet alcohol was involved.

My mother lived in Florida for - what? - 20 some years - and NEVER had ONE hurricane blow her lanai apart! That condo wouldn't have withstood much - the front door was very flimsy. A good seagull fart would blow it open. For those who don't know - a lanai is an 'outdoor' room of screen and plastic, often carpeted with miniature golf carpet. Geezers sit inside and drink highballs.

I understand the concept of the wind masses and fronts affecting hurricane direction, sucking or blowing it here or there, but the track has what I see as a wobble. The wobble worries me. Pretty low of me to wish it on someone else, don't you think?

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