Friday, August 31, 2007


BLOGGER has a wonderful spell checker. As one of the world's most impatient people, I tend to forget spaces between words and the Google program finds and suggests them split. Not so Outlook Express. In fact, Outlook Express doesn't know jackshit. I know all about jackshit since we have these very large long-eared jack rabbits dropping their pellets all over everything as they process my latest Lowes garden section purchases.

Speaking of gardening, I believe we have a tree that has died twice. Or as heard on Aunt Bertha's Bible Hour, which I used to run Sunday mornings in Charlottesville on WELK radio, "he didn't die twice, Johnny, he LIVED twice..." [organ swell here.] Victim, Johhny's ex-brother, disobeyed his parents and was hit by a car, but the hospital brought him back for an encore, then lost his little pulse. "THAT'LL teach you to disobey!" was the message. Aunt Bertha did these little 'plays' with lots of organ music. She was in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The stuff was so bad it was good.

Hey - you try to get from spell checker to the Lord's vengeance in two paragraphs.
Speaking of the Lord's vengeance, Ryan Seacrest is hosting the Emmy awards and has been quoted as saying he'll wing it. This will be a triumph or an atomic bomb!

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