Thursday, August 09, 2007


I found the world clock absolutely facinating. I hope you do too. If you switch to NOW you can start the count from, NOW, or more precisely, THEN.

Did you happen to catch the democrat candidate debate from Soldier Field? I saw some of the review BEFORE I saw the event - courtesy of TiVo. I must say, though I root for Obama, I thought he was eclipsed by Hillary. I cringed when he mentioned the President of Canada... it's Prime Minister. But even so, to answer those questions coherently takes a lot of prep and intelligence. They all seem bright. And I find Kucinich smart, forthright and fun, though he just goes too far to be taken 100% seriously, which is a shame. Edwards was well spoken.

Here's my handicap... Hillary, Obama, Edwards, game over. The others can't play.

Reading a book about elections, the most likeable candidate has won over and over again. This is interesting becuase I don't find Hillary likeable, and I know she's polarizing in that regard, yet ahead in the polls.. Smart, calculating, for sure, but the charm of a viper, as I see her. Obama stands for change and that's a big plus. Edwards, I fear, is an Obama spoiler.

Let's hope our next President is many notches above the one we have now.

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