Thursday, August 02, 2007


As I wrote somewhere below, the whole FedEx experience is frustrating, though I return again and again for two reasons: our local delivery person is nice... I know, I know... but she's the face of the company for me. Oh - and we have an account.

Their phone automation will make you nuts.

And now, again I am reminded that the FedEx tracking system is a joke. It's usually WAY BEHIND the timeline. Like 19 hours now. On an air shipment. It left LA yesterday afternoon... and....????? Nothing. I get nervous when the piece contains multi-thousand dollar electronics which aren't exactly off the shelf items!

Not to mention when the oblong box becomes a delivered trapezoid.

Addendum: the package made it safely but the tracking info was updated more than 24 hours late for all but the last entry - "on truck for delivery." I am so relieved that my 'spensive rebuilt amplifiers made their way home that I'll stop stewing about FedEx till next time.

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