Friday, August 10, 2007


I've been intrigued by UFO stories for many years. My mother claimed to have seen one from the rooftop restaurant in Naples. She called it to the attention of others.

In Minnesota we had neighbors who, when they lived in Nebraska, had a very close encounter with a vessel of some kind.

In Montreal we produced a special program called "We Are Not Alone" through which I interviewed some of the cult? heroes of sighting or abduction. Dr. Hynek co-hosted. Stanton Friedman was a guest on tape. I spoke with Betty Hill, Travis Walton, and others. We solicited and interviewed people who seemed quite convinced they had experienced something 'out of this world.'

One of the astronauts, before he was one, was with a film crew that 'caught' a UFO on the ground on film - clearly. The film was turned over to authorities who then classified it.

My interest remains high because if extra-terrestrial intelligent life is confirmed, it's the biggest story in history! I read reports and watch shows and there have been some very convincing pictures or movies, investigations, etc. But I fear that many people see camera distortions, lens flares, balloons, etc., and think, "OHMYGOSH A UFO."

At the top of the page is a picture I took. See the three triangles by the moon? Artifacts. Not UFOs. Sorry.

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