Friday, December 14, 2007


I think I have Xmas-lag. Could be from our trip 2000 miles south of here last week... only to return to mostly rain (hey - it ain't snow so that works, thank you very much!)

We haven't mailed our cards yet. Although I did write the annual letter.

We decided not to put up the fake or real Charlie Brown tree. I was reminded in my reverie of 'Santa's' cursing annually on Christmas eve as his voice (remarkably like my dad's) would exclaim at least several good "God DAMN it"s while he attempted to put the tree in the holder or to give the gift of electricity to Lionel's Plasticville, and I attempted to sleep.

Malaise has set in. I think I need sun and I'll snap right out of it. I have over 350 pictures of our trip to load but haven't even been inspired to do that yet.

I prefer to avoid the trip-brag, but I can say honestly that after a lot of exercising, I was able this time to swim (under snorkel) for quite surprising distances with no tiredness. I think I am "in shape."

I did have the strongest drink of my lifetime - A Hurricane David in Mustique. I literally fell into the zodiac after just one. It wasn't a huge drink either. Wonder if I can google it somehow. Nope. Many mentions but no recipe (The Bar is called Basil's and you might run into Jagger, McCartney, Stewart or other hi-jinxers there but we never have. But then after a H David how would you know?)

More amazingly, no hangover.

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