Friday, December 28, 2007


The day I ordered a SONY RPTV (Rear screen SXRD projector HDTV) - the very DAY - they announce they are backing away from the format in favor of flatter profile sets. Funny, the guy at Best Buy didn't mention that. I actually do believe he didn't know. The news was late breaking.

I'm still gonna ride this donkey because of all the research I did on it.

Oh boy will there we stories of incompatibilities and problems as:
Time Warner has to switch us to digital and "install two cable cards" btw: install means stick in slot. $33 service call.

TiVo has to switch to digital feed on time.

The stand for the TV is backordered.

The BOYZ have to navigate a flight of stairs with a pretty big chunk of heavy gear (the old rptv) and again with a larger one - the new one.

This is all to happen a week from Saturday.
There will be pictures and buyers remorse for all to enjoy.

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