Saturday, December 22, 2007


This from an old associate in Montreal. He spotted the snowman and thought it captured the spirit of the city. I agree, though it's been almost 25 years since my last time there (a magical two years.)

Just in the time we worked together, Matthew Cope expertly interviewed a cavalcade of celebrities for a mandated talk show; often right through the glass between the talk studio and on air where I sat. He also adlibbed an amazingly one-take 15 minute funny farce with Rod Charlebois, our newsman, about the coming metrification of time... 10 day weeks, 10 month years, 100 minute hours, etc. So droll. So expert. So funny.

Matthew Cope, Bob Wood, Tony Spiro, musician Jean Michel Jarre

Marty Feldman, Mary Lou Bassaraba (co-host), Matthew Cope

Donald Sutherland is a tall cool dude who hung around post-interview and made us all feel special. Marty Feldman with the googly eyes was his own special kind.

Donald Sutherland, Matthew Cope

Montreal of the mid 70s was hip and the Olympics drew more to town. My music director bumped into Mick Jagger at the Olympic hot dog stand, just to drop one name.

I belive Matthew interviewed Bing Crosby by phone (even got him to sing), also Muhammad Ali. He did the Heart sisters, the Playboy playmate of the year, And rode with me on a VERY cold day in an open caliche (horse-drawn carriage) with several female impersonators on board who looked a lot like their doppelgangers. We took abuse from the macho crowd, drank from loaded flasks to keep warm, and I broadcast live when called from the studio to do so.

That was COLD.

Somewherer I have a collection of some pictures from then. I'll try to find one or two, scan and insert. Meanwhile, thanks to Matthew and best wishes and prayers for a full return to health following triple bypass.

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Beautifuldisaster87 said...

Woo whoo. Marty Feldman was awesome. Always great to hear about him. He would have been cool to meet.