Monday, December 17, 2007


We moved into the Houston area in 1989. We were first into a new neighborhood which was eventually populated by an unusually great bunch of people who, despite many diverse backgrounds, partied together, often and well. Business took us away in 1991.

We stayed in touch with those who remained.

This past weekend we (re)joined the group - old and new members - for a party. It was as if 16 years hadn't passed. The new members/neighbors fit right in (as did we - the old ones) and a great time was had by all!

We stayed at the most recent home of our former next-door neighbors. (How many people can you ask: "Where'd you put the tribal spear?") Almost immediately their dog knocked me down on the floor and was kissing me with 80 pound puppy-love as I giggled like the kid I was when the neighbor's dog did the very same, decades ago.

The next morning we had breakfast with another set of friends from the area, and then toured his amazing new office suite which is of a stunning design. Now I know why it was so hard to describe, even looking at the plans, years ago. It's groundbreaking, high tech, paperless, his dream fully realized and we are so happy for him and his wife!

Why do people blog? I guess it's to feel less alone in some electro-way. Or to keep in touch. Feed the ego.

I come back refreshed and renewed by the quality of the friends we share - these are people with whom it's a privilege to share time.

We will redouble our local efforts to find such a group in Austin.

How very cool.

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