Friday, June 30, 2006


Maybe it came from my shoe when I shook it, or from the floor or from my pants, but there was a scorpion on my ankle this morn as I dressed to go out and seek the mystery of the grinder pump alarm light. Looked dead. Wasn't.

I'm getting pretty casual. I scooped it up with only one layer of Kleenex. Maybe AFTER I get stung I'll be more respectful.

Northerners who read of these buggy nasties recoil in horror, but frankly, I'd rather deal with scorpions occasionally than that damn woodpecker that kept drilling holes in our siding in Minnesota. That bird damage was expensive!

No other insect/reptile/animal news to report except Mom and Bambi are sighted about every day and Bambi is losing her spots.

And swallows are either drinking our pool water in dive bombing /strafing runs, or eating wet insects off the surface. Nice. Just hold the crapping till over land, willya?

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