Friday, July 21, 2006


I noted a brief story about a giant cruise ship "rolling" and injuring passengers. Wanting to know more, I paid attention, but was unrewarded. All I could find was a 'steering problem.' Hey, that's great damage control. You have this GIANT cruise ship with a wobbly rudder or more likely a serious computer problem, and the story just goes away... not in our paper... 5 seconds on tv. Well, heck, I guess I just missed the coverage... this from... The Taipei Times!

"A new luxury cruise ship that made its debut sailing last month listed heavily after leaving Port Canaveral in Florida on Tuesday, injuring dozens of passengers, two of them critically, when people were flung across decks and down stairways." Read More

''It seemed like a 10.0 earthquake,'' Sagastume said. ``People had blood all over them. There was glass everywhere. Children were screaming. Elderly people were crying.''

Sagastume said no alarms went off as the ship was tipping, but the captain made an announcement shortly afterward.

''His voice was jittery and in shock,'' Sagastume said. ``You could tell he was just as panicked as the rest of us.
More from this report

Speaking of news, day before yesterday Brian Williams cemented me to NBC news with what I would term a perfect newscast. He, for my money, is at the very top of the game (as are the reporters and writers). They brought the Israel-Lebanon conflict into sharp focus and did it with real humanity. Sorry, Katie, for me, the train has left the station and you are left back on the platform.

Nice to see something that good come out of television these days, even though the news was tragic. Believe me, they handled it very VERY well.

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