Thursday, July 13, 2006


Politics these days leaves a taste in my mouth like licking a zinc fence would. Or I think it would. I haven't done that.

It seems - and it may just be a bad mood on my part - that there are incredibly bad moves, waste and corruption EVERYWHERE these days. Even Brian Williams in the Brokaw chair seems to have an "I don't believe this!" edge to some of the stories.

Ethics in congress - an oxymoron.

Hey, Boston, nice Big Dig project there. Where do you want to start laying the blame - who managed that mess? The roof falls and crush-kills a poor woman in her car.

Speaking of the K card, Senator McCain wants to kill the F-22 (billions wasted in cost overruns.) Note, I'm not saying he's wrong. The thing is WAY over budget and likely unnecessary. Oh - each plane costs something like - oh - $260 MILLION a copy.

And those geniuses at NASA spent about that much on 'fixing' the foam that fell off the shuttle again. What on earth or any planet did they GET with that money?

And the billions of waste in Katrina.

The now-civil war in Iraq. More Billions wasted. The cost in lives. Rape, murder. Ah, we look good to the rest of the world, eh?

Who's in charge?

Can we get a 'do-over?'

Our legislators suffer from budget gluttony. Partisanship makes them all impotent most of the time. Leadership is a joke, is finger pointing and gesticulation without substance. Sound bites. Spin.

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