Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Parade of Homes allowed shoes and cameras. Darn. I wish I had brought back some pictures. The $5 million dollar home was "more like it." Actually, none of them were homes I HAVE TO HAVE (thankfully) but the grand one was neat in so many ways.

We couldn't afford the taxes or the electrical bill!

New HDTVs all over the darn house!

Infinity edge pool, was also a lap pool.

About 10,000 square feet. And already SOLD!

A new Porsche Cayenne in one of the driveways. $70k. For my (monopoly) money, better looking than the Carerra at 100k.

Some pretty impressive home theaters. But the fanciest audio rig wasn't as good sounding as mine, though I bet it cost 6 figures. Ha! I won't tell you what mine cost. You'd have me committed.

Some of the builders had very pretty models at the door, greeting people. You know a model is pretty when you are embarrassed to look her in the eye but for a fleeting second, lest you get stuck there, and be labeled a perv.

Others had, and there's no PC way to say this - short fatties on the same duty to less effect.

Hint: want to show off? Hire the models.

All in all, we do prefer the look of our neighborhood to that one, though some of those ENCLAVES were pretty darn extreme and you'd have to say, livable.

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