Thursday, May 17, 2007


I have had 1GB of memory in my computer for some time now and wondered what would happen if I doubled it. Unfortunately, since my computer requires matched banks of same size modules (it says) I had to buy TWO 1 GB modules. I was planning to also use 2 x 256MB so each bank would have one large and one smaller bank for a total of 2.5GB. On boot, the screen gave me grief. So I went with the twin 1GB modules alone.

Man, it does seem to have made quite a difference, that and speeding up my mouse (go to control panel if you are interested.) I also defragged (until now it always said I didn't have to do that.)

Now this is silly but I'll 'fess up: I want to get 2 more GB to max out the machine. Apparently don't need it - just want it. However, I will wait till the price hits rock bottom (as SD and CF cards seem to have done.) Meanwhile, it's zippideedodah.

Oh - I also bought a higher fidelity sound card. Customer reviews were pretty clear -it's a great sounding card VERY easy to install. Uh, yeah. I can put it into the slot but then what happens remains to be seen.

Until now, or almost now, whenever I had to do some voicework in my studio/listening room, I'd burn a CD there and then load it into the editor in this computer on the other side of the house (and it cannot be moved.)

So the solution, I hope, will be a 100 foot cable from here to there and I'll only have to record once. Directly into the computer's audio editor. If sounds better, great. If it sounds the same, great. Then it's convenience that wins.

I'm quite comfortable inside the computer. Over the years I've replaced DVD drives, added hard drive #2, memory and more memory and other cards too. AS with my landscaping extra sprinkler heads and adaptors, I now have a ton of cables that we don't use since USB, and an extra DVD drive, replaced under warranty but apparently fine anyway... and a gig of memory in 256x4 (PC3200 184pin 400Mhz DDR2.) God knows what else but I know there are boxes of it all.

I had an interesting computer experience the other day - a program would only backup to the A drive floppy (which I have, thankfully.) I tried the D (CD burner but nooooooooo.)

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