Friday, May 11, 2007


I understand addiction. I am addicted to sweets. But there aren't any in the house. All the stashes have been emptied (except for dark chocolate which to me is like tar. I don't eat asphalt and I don't eat dark chocolate!)

So for the third time today I again looked in the pantry and drawers and hidey holes. Nothing. Then, a miracle. Deep in the back of our candy drawer, hidden by old hard candy (like sucking a marble - I don't suck marbles) and dark chocolate, I spotted two petrified caramels and a BONUS mini Reese cup. And reaching for them I got two white tips from candy corn long gone.

I will live to see another day.

Yuk. I found that with the cellophane on or off, petrified caramel tastes the same. And the Peanut Butter Cup had an odd taste. And my stomach hurts.

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