Monday, May 07, 2007


Hour 3. I've looked at the new cars - the new TT is a huge design leap forward.

I've picked my favorite from those on display ($101,000 - sold by the way an R8 V-10). MY car is in the service bay, where, after fixing what I brought it here for, they found another problem. When you come to the AUDI repair center you can expect $300-400 surprises! Sometimes more.

I took a tranquilizer before arrival. I HATE car service. It's one of those things you know you need but I can't come to trust the compentency of the fixers. I have had numerous examples of that, especially with my Porsche when I had it. (4 visits for the same problem?)

Last time I was here, they told me I had some sort of oil leak... $400 or so... but I felt cheap and said skip it. As it happens, the oil level hasn't changed one bit and - the reason I am here - the plastic pan that seals the bottom of the engine was ripped off some when I ran over a deer carcass, then really ripped as I exited a driveway which had unusual dips, causing scrapes, finishing the job the deer began.

There was no oil I could see in the pan.

Interestingly we had to drive through a stream to visit a neighbor's house the other night. I'd guess the water was only 6 inches deep. I was thinking that my broken pan was acting as a water scoop. Well, we made it, and so far they haven't found the 'one more thing' and I might actually get out of here in another hour and a half.

But truthfully, I like my car - my favorite of all I've owned. I would buy another Audi. They are engineered very smartly. After 9 years my A6 looks good still. And HOW many inches of Minnesota snow has it been through? And how much salt and sand has ridden in the gunk? Drives nicely, though it's always been underpowered. I plan to drive it for a few more years then attempt to find a used A8 from the new model run. Maybe save $30-40k that way and still pick up a great car!

A neighbor drives a Bentley. Next time I see him I will insist on a ride. Just for kicks!

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