Thursday, May 03, 2007


GANG REAPED. Why? because my email address has clearly been HARVESTED by persons or more likely BOTS of deceit. Almost every day I receive great news of another lottery win. So it seems likely that I'm on the spread all around The Greater India list of doofuses (dufii?) to stooge. If all the same people, then why do they think the Lucky Lottery Leprechaun 'O Chance Drawing will be more enticing than the Fidelity Sweepstakes Of County Cork?

Meanwhile, apparent non-english-educated peeps are trying to conspire with me to dredge those millions out of Africa. Dear Sir, Kind Sir, Lovely Person... I hope you don't, but you probably DO know the come-on. Most aren't even good reading. At least make up a good storie (sic.)

I haven't posted much lately as I have two projects to juggle... one is the new radio format ALLHITSFM (see which we now have in setup progress on our first US station. There's a ton of work to do for the first one, then it gets easier. The second project is called Desktop Delivery and here's the scoop on that:

There's a next step up from email, direct mail, telemarketing, and other inefficient attempts at bonding and communicating.

This wonderful tool is called Desktop Delivery, a branded channel for marketing communications. It's a program that, once loaded onto a computer (and is verified as completely safe, btw), presents a front-of-screen page of content at a user-specified time, content that changes every day. And contains links to whatever you wish...

Daily exposure keeps your donor base interested and involved. A relationship is formed that goes much farther than a once in a while call to action or website visit.

Imagine – your daily page can even contain video, for example, showing the beauty of the horses you are trying to save. With Desktop Delivery, you can send text, audio, video or combinations. With links to your site, to congress, affiliates, store, etc.

Desktop Delivery will track the views and click-thrus. You’ll have feedback on what hot buttons work best! To protect identities, no personal info is gathered.

Desktop Delivery is a marvel. Relatively few have seen it and those who do are climbing on board.

Response rates skyrocket!

Unlike E mail, ISPs cannot change formatting of Desktop Delivery. According to MarketingSherpa, 59% of people have their e-mail images blocked! This is also spam-block-proof because it doesn't go through a mailbox - it's a DESKTOP tool (with icon you can click any time to retrieve the page.) Changing e-mail addresses have no effect.

Desktop Delivery puts your message right there, out front, with unbeatable prominence. When finished, the viewer clicks any key, and it disappears.

There are no cookies involved. Firewalls don't stop it. It's immune to Anti-Virus (and as I said above, certified completely safe.) Connection speed is irrelevant. Desktop Delivery loads in the background, unobtrusively. Plays instantly.

Desktop Delivery is the next step in communication: a hybrid of traditional and online marketing strategies. It's a brief encounter on a daily basis. This is compelling, anticipatory, daily, permission-based advertising.

I invite you to download a trial. Save the file to your desktop then open it - you're done.

This could be HUGE. Some big players are already on board (wish I had found them but I didn't.) If you know someone who might be interested, please drop me a line: (Harvest away, Email Address BOT of Deceitful Come-ons.)

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