Friday, May 18, 2007


I love ice cream. And since I've lived all over, I have a pretty good overview of good ice creams. It's basically these qualities that matter to me:

Texture - too much ice and you've got gellato. Smooth beats creamy.
Flavor - some artificial flavors are too strong; fake chocolate seems like it has alcohol in it. Same with fake vanilla.
Sweetness - Here's where some fall apart. It should be sweet, not eggy, not syrupy.
Heft - too much air and you've got yuk... tasteless yuk.

And so - happily - the local BLUE BELL brand is among the best I've had. Terri bought a half gallon of NEW Neapolitan yesterday... and on the label it says HOMEMADE several times.


How do you make HOMEMADE in a factory?

That's not home. I'm pretty sure they don't have whole communities of old ladies with their hair in nets, cranking coolers.
What's HOMEMADE anyway? A recipe? Sorry, when it crosses into the PLANT and you multiply proportions of ingredients by - oh - a couple thousand times, it ain't HOMEMADE.

And they say on the label that they use artificial flavors, too. HOMEMADE? Yeah - a home for CHEMISTS maybe.

Still, I like it.

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