Monday, July 02, 2007


It sure will be tough to beat the entry below. It's a treasure chest of fun!

Well, yesterday we went to the Factory Outlet Mall in San Marcos where fat people go to shop on Sunday. Since Terri has .001% body fat and since mine is carefully hidden, we didn't 'fit' in.

The Mall is huge - I believe every brand in the world is there. A lot of them sell branded junk. I stopped into the popular SONY store which was selling refurbs (rebuilt returns) at greatly reduced prices. I overheard some things: "Do you Deliver?" "Well, this is the last one and there's no box, but yes we deliver anywhere in Texas for $100." That seemed mighty nice for those who live in El Paso, but not that nice for folks down the road a piece.

I must say that the Blu-Ray high definition demo on that Last One set was spectacular. But that $100 is to your door. You want it IN the house, get Moose and the football team over for some ice tea and grunting.

Another guy was selling a flimsy "protector" which I'm pretty sure couldn't stop spit let alone lightning or Spike, Reddy Kilowatt's nemesis. (BTW: If you understood any of the last three words you are old and educated. Congrats.)

We dodged rain pretty much all the way. Traffic was running about 75-80mph. We got home before Don Henley had stopped singing.

On one of our stops, where I sat in the car while Terri went in a store to touch everything on every rack, my eyes slowly focused on the car parked in front of us. It was... a what?

A Megane. A Megane from MEHHEECO. Why would they give an Irish name to a Mexican car? I'm unclear on all this. Whoops. I just asked Google and Google said it a Renault from France. Which makes less sense.

Later I watched the Concert For Diana which NBC chopped up and ran as hamburger. I don't know why Diana is such a haunting persona... but as they showed pictures of her (which were spectacular) I felt sad. There was something about Princess Diana that made you want to protect her and be in her circle of charm.

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