Monday, February 09, 2009


I have to report today. From what I understand, this isn't an automatic jury selection - I'll be in a pool of folks from whom they select jurors. Then, tomorrow, it's the courtroom. Unless the parties settle at the last minute.

I don't know how dull this will be compared to the typical tense TV series. I'd love to see an Alan Shore (Boston Legal) performance, but I fear it's a lot more "get everything on the record" drudge rather than brilliance. Of course you never know what the case will be... a Judge Judy piece (my mother-in-law watched it) or one of the hum-drummables.

There's no parking for this. I will leave very early and walk as far as I have to... but if they could make it more inconvenient, I don't see how.

Well,, I left with a lot of time to sprae and found my way and found parking some distance away and found the courthouse and sat with a book waiting. The clerk came out and told us to file into the courtroom where the judge would dismiss us. She said something about there not being as many cases as they thought... It wasn't clear and she didn't speak loudly.

But, we were sent back into the cracks of society with just a whiff of civic duty. Eau de justice? No, it was Parfum de Showing up.

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