Friday, February 27, 2009


Last night Terri discovered 9 fraudulent withdrawals from our PayPal account, supplemented by our checking account credit line, totalling over $5000!

Immediate stress. Adrenaline for both of us.

Calls to bank and PayPal.

I spoke to an understanding and helpful reassuring guy on the line from PayPal. He said the money would be restored. He was excellent.

Someone in New Zealand added their address to our account. Someone tried to get a debit card on our account too. I believe all the transactions were in Euros or Pounds, not dollars. While speaking with PayPal it seem there were four more 'withdrawals' since our discovery (based on checking account activity, posted the day before.)

I think we'll be okay, but the whole mess was eye opening and scary and I can't guess how they found us and our password (since changed and much more difficult - I hope!) ... I have twin security programs on our computer.

Trust no one.

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